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Our West Location is directed across the street from the west side of Nicholas Sheran Park. We get to take the children on lovely walks to the park and enjoy our beautiful neighbourhood. We have just opened up this location in August of 2020 and we are excited to branch off into the westside of our lovely city and connect with its families. We love what we do and want to bring that to the children of the westside!

We also love to brag about our staff! We have high staff retention and believe that children deserve the best educators, so we hire only the best. With classes, we do our best to have children be in classes with their educator the entire time they are with us at the program. We truly believe that these early connections are valuable in creating and maintaining strong social and emotional bonds through out life, so we do our best to foster a sense of security and trust with children and families.

We would love to meet your family and have you come and enjoy being apart of our little community! If you would like to book a tour of the facility please contact us!

Phone: (403) 327-2772 or


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